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This cohort begins March 24th and ends May 11, 2019 with the Foundational TLMC 1: Using a Leadership Vision and Mission to Grow as a Leader of Learning. Teachers who are and aspire to be leaders need to develop a vision and mission to help them determine the path forward in how and what avenue they would like to lead, Teacher as Advocate or Teacher as a Champion of Equity and Cultural Diversity.

The TLMCs use the ADDIE Model, analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate, to create a personalized, meaningful way to develop and enhance the leadership skill sets needed to create transformational change.

Each cohort is facilitated with a collaborative space to receive feedback along the way from peers, the facilitator, and assessors spanning over a 6 to 8 week time frame. CO ASCD will be with you every step of the way as you actualize your growth as you lead from the classroom.

You will earn 15 clock hours equivalent to 1 Credit Hour per micro-credential to use as continuing education for recertification!

Teacher as Learner and Leader: Using a Leadership Vision and Mission to Grow as a Leader of Learning

A personal vision and mission for leadership in education helps teacher leaders focus their attention on those aspects of leadership that are most closely aligned to their beliefs about leadership and what they strive to accomplish as they lead from the classroom. Their leadership vision and mission also inform the creation of an action plan that guides their learning so that they grow as a leader of learning, improving teacher practice and student learning within and beyond their classroom walls.

Teacher as Collaborator: Creating a Culture of Trust and Collegiality

A culture of trust and collegiality is an environment in which there are productive working relationships among colleagues and people feel comfortable sharing their experiences and thoughts without fear of judgment. Creating a culture of trust and collegiality includes facilitating conversations that help colleagues build trusting relationships and value diverse perspectives and using group processes to help colleagues work collaboratively to accomplish goals. When a culture of trust and collegiality is created, teachers collaborate more effectively to improve student achievement, communication is open and honest, and leadership is shared.

Teacher as Collaborator: Using Collaboration Processes to Lead Continuous Improvement

Collaboration processes are procedures or actions that enhance relational coordination and trust while fostering participation by everyone in order to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. Using collaboration processes sparks inventiveness by minimally structuring the way groups interact during decision-making, conflict management, and problem solving, resulting in the increase in a culture of trust, effective listening, understanding and valuing of different perspectives, and ownership for improved instruction and student learning. Teacher leaders use collaboration processes to make effective practices accessible to all while generating commitment to student learning.

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Teacher as Advocate

The Teacher as Advocate micro-credential can be chosen as a specialty micro-credential after earning the foundational micro-credentials listed above. This pathway supports teachers in developing their skill set as an advocate within the school, district, state, national or international levels. Teachers learn how to create effective change on the legislative front.

Champion of Equity & Cultural Diversity

    The Teacher as Champion of Equity & Cultural Diversity micro-credential is another pathway that can be chosen as a specialty micro-credential after earning the foundational micro-credentials listed above. This pathway supports teachers as they dive into understanding their own biases, developing their awareness of diversity at large, what it means to be culturally responsive, and creating equitable opportunities for everyone.

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      $4500 for 10 people, first 3 micro-credentials completed within a 10-month span

      ($425 per person after first 10)

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