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Your CO ASCD Board comes from across the state. With varied experiences throughout the educational world and beyond, your board represents all areas from Pre-K through University levels. We are here to serve your educational needs, provide a place to hear your voice, and be your advocate. Each one of these leaders is a passionate, highly talented educator stemming from Pre-K through university levels of teaching. They consistently and tirelessly give their time and energy to serving the needs of the state education system, its educators, and its learners. 

Front Row, left to right: John Thanos, Amanda Siewert, Walter McKenzie (ASCD Headquarters), Jill Lewis, Ceri Dean  Back Row: Elise Burnette

Board Bios

Jill Lewis, President

Jill Lewis is a passionate educator with classroom and coaching experience in Pre-K through college levels. Currently, Jill works as a consultant for schools and districts throughout the country in all areas of curriculum and assessment. She regularly presents at conferences throughout the nation on best instructional strategies and strategic development and refinement of processes within the educational system. Not only does Lewis develop curriculum and deliver online instruction for Adams State University, she is an ASCD faculty member, who works with schools in the areas of data processes, team building, CCSS Literacy and Math, formative assessment, and critical thinking. Her honors include being Nationally Board Certified in Reading/Language Arts for the Early and Middle Grades, Membership Director for the Collegiate Peaks Council of the International Reading Association, member of the Long-Range Strategic Planning Committee for the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association, and an author of four study guides and a children’s book.

Dr. Robin Wisniewski, Executive Director

Dr. Robin Wisniewski is director of Education Systems Improvement, RTI International; a Licensed Psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Currently based in Denver, Colorado, she has consulted with school districts and related education agencies for 17 years in 20 states and internationally, also serving 13 years in higher education as associate professor (tenured), associate dean, literacy and leadership academic program director and chair, vice president’s faculty fellow, reading specialist, counseling coordinator, and director of national center for students with learning and attention challenges, having taught 132 course sections from developmental education to teacher education, counseling, and leadership at four universities (Baldwin Wallace University, the University of Arizona, Kent State University, and the University of Akron). Dr. Wisniewski is a former research and consulting director at McREL International, and frequently works with teachers and school and district leaders on multitiered systems of support, professional learning, literacy, culturally responsive instruction, and social emotional learning to enhance leadership, teaching, and student equity outcomes. At RTI International, Dr. Wisniewski leads several public health and education improvement projects. Dr. Wisniewski’s academic background is a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with a literacy leadership focus and co-major in school and clinical psychology, an Ed.S. and MEd. in school psychology, and a B.B.A. and B.A.

Nancy White, Secretary

Nancy has worked as a teacher, librarian, and 21st Century Learning & Innovation Specialist in PreK-12 for over 20 years. She is passionate about helping teachers to become designers of learning, and helping them to help students develop essential 21st century skills and own their learning through curating, personalized learning, global collaboration, inquiry, and project based learning. She strives to help teachers, schools, and districts transform teaching and learning to better prepare students for the world in which they will live, learn, and work, and to help teachers design learning that sticks and that kids love.

Dr. Ceri Dean, Member of the Board

Ceri B. Dean (PhD, Curriculum and Instruction) has more than 25 years of experience providing training, coaching, and technical assistance to educators at multiple levels. In 2016, Ceri established Dean Education Consulting through which she provides consultation and technical assistance to state departments of education and other organizations. Prior to establishing her consulting business, Ceri served as Senior Fellow and Vice President of Field Services at McREL, participating in McREL’s overall management and strategy development and overseeing the development and delivery of McREL’s training, technical assistance, and consulting services. She also served as the director of large-scale projects, including REL Pacific, the North Central Comprehensive Center, and the Central Region Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Consortium. Each of these involved establishing and maintaining relationships with state and local education agency staff, conducting projects with them, and developing products and tools that helped them connect research and practice. She has developed and presented over 300 workshops on a variety of topics, including standards, mathematics teaching, assessment, instructional strategies, leadership, professional development planning and evaluation, and system improvement. In addition to writing and/or editing reports, she co-authored McREL’s materials on school improvement (Success in Sight), data-driven decision making (Power of Data), instruction (Classroom Instruction that Works, 2nd edition), and family and community engagement (Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Families and the Community as Partners in Education, Parts 1-4). She managed McREL’s involvement in several national level programs, including the Model Professional Development and Effective Teacher Preparation Awards programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. Ceri is a former high school mathematics teacher with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science and Mathematics Education (SUNY Albany) and an M.S. in Atmospheric Science (Colorado State University).

Michael A. Ramsey,  Member of the Board

Michael A. Ramsey, known as Mike, creates and sustains programs that engage families and communities in education. Merging the knowledge and learning that exists outside the classroom with what happens inside the classroom has been his interest since creating exploratory after school programs at Bruce Randolph School in Denver, CO, living by John Dewey's quote, "Life is education."

Since working at Bruce Randolph, Mike has supported programming with schools, community centers, museums, botanic gardens, libraries and community members in Denver and in New York City. Gaining his MA in Family and Community Education, combining research based, practical approaches, Mike emphasizes local ideas and resources to support the expansion of knowledge outside of the classroom.

Sean Wybrant, Teacher of the Year Honorary Member of the Board

Sean Wybrant currently crafts tomorrow’s heroes in his classroom by teaching students to critically think and solve problems through computer science and video game development.

At a young age, Sean was convinced that superheroes were real, and that belief has been bolstered seeing the challenges that students are willing to tackle and solve. In his first seven years in the classroom, Sean facilitated the application of English and language arts competencies with a service learning approach. Sean earned a position as a Lead Educator in his district’s Next Generation Learning work through those projects where he helped draft the Colorado Springs School District 11 vision.

In 2012 Sean began his work in Career and Technical Education where he is dedicated to designing, implementing, and evolving cutting edge practice for students through his classes so they can impact the world in positive ways while still in school. Students in  his programs create augmented and virtual reality simulations, explore live-action motion capture, and are immersed in a variety of other technologies.

Sean has also led numerous professional development sessions around Next Generation Learning strategies, technology use in the classroom, personalized learning, and service learning over his career. He has presented at the International Society for Technology in Education annual conference, Colorado Education Initiative Showcase, and Denver Comic Con. He is available for speaking engagements, consulting work, and professional development opportunities.

Sean believes that teachers have the most awesome responsibility in our society, that of crafting the heroes of the future.

Dr. Dennis Corash, Board Historian

Dr. Dennis N. Corash has spent the last 40+ years in public education here in Colorado. Dennis began his teaching career in an elementary classroom. He has been a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent. Additionally, he was an Assistant Professor of Elementary Education and Literacy for several years. He returned to an intercity elementary classroom for two years before his retirement from public service in July 2018. Currently he is a consultant in various areas of education.

He is very active in gifted and talented education and a Founding Governor of the Colorado Academy of Educators for Gifted, Talented, and Creative and serves a current governor at large. Dr. Corash is a past president of the Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented. He is a former member of Board of Directors of ASCD and has served various leadership roles on Colorado ASCD since 1994.

In his spare time, Dennis owns a small ranch with Highland Cattle and actively breeds and exhibits Bedlington Terriers.


We love educators and our educational community!  That's why we have developed this section dedicated to thanking those educators in our lives who truly inspire and strive to encourage all of us to achieve our best, no matter our individual goals.  Without further ado, a well deserved Thank You to these incredible people:

Jill Lewis

President CO ASCD

Thank you for your countless dedication to all things.

Nominated by: E. Burnette

Amy Morgan

makes a difference in education in Colorado

Amy Morgan has been teaching at Discovery Canyon Campus since 2007. She has become one of the elementary schools most respected and admired teachers by both colleagues and families alike. Her dedication to both her students and her profession is apparent every day through her relationships, thoughtfulness, and community involvement. Mrs. Morgan has had a personal impact on more than 400 students through both her classroom instruction and the various clubs and extra curricular activities she has advised. I would like to thank Amy Morgan for sharing her time, talents and passions with me throughout the years.

“Thank you for investing your time, sharing your talents, and making a difference.”

Nominated by Autumn Cave-Crosby

Ceri Dean

ASCD Board Member

Thank you for your wonderful insight and drive.

Nominated by: J. Lewis

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